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ALL bookers MUST pay a deposit to be taken seriously and secure their session.  Mistress Lagertha is very selective regarding who will earn a session with her.

If you are booking a session for anywhere in the country, a deposit will be required – I wont run the risk of travelling for no shows.  The cost does vary and details can be found in my blog.  

If you are booking any type of session with me, your deposit can be paid through the website, using the form below.  You will need to alter the amount to suit the type of session you are booking, NOTE there is a £10 minimum for payments accepted through the site.  You will also need to select the type of deposit it is you are paying from the drop down list.  

Alternatively, if you are booking an phone or online Skype session.  Use these options to pay for your session length at the rate of £2.00 per minute - note there is a 10 minutes minimum spend.  Once the payment notification is received, I will contact you to get your Skype ID (if required) and call you.

I do offer alternative payment options: 
If you would rather maintain plausible discretion on your financials. You can buy physical gift vouchers of my choice from almost any shop and post them or email/text me photos of the codes to use. Or you can purchase online Amazon e-vouchers that get sent straight to my email address you will need to in put it yourself – MistressLagertha@mail.com. Or request my bank details to transfer or pay in direct to a branch - whichever suits you best.  

I expect details of your chosen method, to be agreed by email, with myself.  So I know to expect it. 

What is the deposit for?

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Payments are handled by Sunkat in association with Surf&Pay. Your card statement will show surfandpay

Use this form to make online payments for session deposits or pay for phone/video sessions. NOTE all payments are non-refundable, should the unexpected happen.  

Payments will be listed as ‘surfnpay’ on your bank statement.  The online payment system is secure.  Once you complete this form and click ‘Pay Deposit’, you will be taken to a secure payment processing page.  You will be happy to know that, Mistress Lagertha doesn't get any of your personal or card information you complete on the secure payment form, as all of it remains protected by data protection law, collected by the processing bank for payment processing only.  The information Mistress Lagertha does receive about you, will be the information you fill in on this first form: What the deposit is for, Your name, Your email address, The amount you’ve paid, Any additional comments you add.  


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