Mistress Lagertha



If you see me out at fetish events/munches/nights/workshops, you are welcome to speak to me, provided you observe my approch protocols:
1. If I am mid session/scene with someone or providing after care to them post play (presence of a blanket or floor mat with the sub/slave means they are receiving aftercare) – DO NOT APPROACH, respect the intimacy of our time and come back to me later.  
2. If I am sat observing the room/venue OR walking through the room/venue – you are welcome speak to me, be polite and curtious.  Those who are demading are seen to be rude and uncareing.  
3. If you would like to sample my style of domination/play at a suitable event, you are welcome to ask.  I will only offer about 5-10 mins – provided I’m up to it, sometimes I may have already over indulged and require a break.  5-10 mins is more than enough time, to deside if you’d like to book a session for longer with me. 


Be punctual, lateness is tardiness and a sign of failure to be prepared.  Plan your journey and arrive with at least 15 mins to spare, I can offer guidance if needed on route or pubic services, I know them all well.  Forward plan for possible delays where possible, such as time of day you will be travelling.  If the unexpected happens, I politely ask that you let me know as soon as safely possible.  If you get a case of the neves, it can happen, call me rather than not show up.  Otherwise you could end up not being given another chance.  I will likely give you a don’t arrive before time, there is a reason for that - it protects the privacy of others. 


I will book sessions Monday to Saturday, normally between the hours 11am and 5pm - 5pm being the last bookable 1hr session of the day.  I say normally because with plenty of notice and for those I know well enough I can sometimes offer later, but it’s not common place.  Do not expect last minute bookings, I will if I can but it wont always be possible - however check twitter to see if they come up. 


At all times be polite, manners are free.  The pronunciation of my name is L-ag-a-th-a, In person you are welcome to address me as Mistress or Ma’am (pronounced as in ham, not arm). 

What it is you want to get from your session? The answer is the information I will require to do my job and ensure we have fun in the process.  Be honest open and realistic, I’m not easily shocked or repulsed.  I am patient but don’t take advantage of that, otherwise you will end up on the wrong side of my tollerance – I’m not fun when I have a sence of humour faliure.  I like to get a sense, of what is going on in your head regarding your submissive desire(s). I don’t want you leaving thinking, this was wasted time or not meeting your standard of expectation.  I have the ability to read most peoples bodies, but that skill works at its best with regular bookers. 

I will always start with a consultation, to discuss and assess limits, to gain information about any and all medical issues you may have - which is to ensure your safety, and obtain your written consent if your session requires it. 

I welcome your thoughts and constructive feedback after a session, attention to detail is what makes all the difference.  


For sessions to be conducted at either of my local studios, I am more relaxed about deposits.  But if a session is booked for elswhere in the country, I will not give out the chosen venue address, until I’ve received a deposit.  The deposit is to demonstrate you are serious and committed and not wasting my time.  The deposit I ask for is the venue hire cost upfront, so if the unexpected happens I and the venue are not left out of pocket in anyway.  I currently accept deposits through this website via the Sessions tab drop down menu for ‘Pay a Deposit’, which a secure transaction that will appear on your bank statement as ‘SurfnPay’. Or for a more discreet option, in the form of amazon vouchers, digital emailed ones are easiest but posted or dropped off is also acceptable.  I will talk you through the process by email, unless you are already familiar.  


You are to be freshly bathed/showered the day of your session.  Three of the four Midlands venues have an onsite shower, which can be booked if required but be aware doing so may mean you need a longer booking. 


I hire venues/dungeons/studios that have versatile settings and rooms, along with purpose built bespoke furniture provisions.  I prefer them to using my home, because they are discreet with private parking and I know I don’t have to worry about noise or nosey neigbours.  It might seem scary the first time, but trust me it is not.  The four venues I currently use, are private with their own parking.  And spread across the Midlands, The two I consider local to me, I can be more relaxed about deposits because I know the owners well.  I do offer further afield if demand requires it, which means my fee will incure a travel contribution.  I am building my network of places I can travel to with suitable venues, all require upfront hire fees paid – which is when I will ask for a deposit.  Please note, I will NEVER come to your home or a hotel, so don’t ask. 


The material on this site is considered sexually oriented and/or explicit, which certain people may find offensive or obscene.

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