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Full-time lifestyle submissive – AKA No.1 sub 
I'm Mistress Lagertha's female submissive Englishredrose, we have been D/s for 1 year. Within this time Mistress has introduced me to many fetish experiences, because I was new to it all at the beginning. She can read my body perfectly, from getting close to my limit. To knowing when she can push me further. Mistress is very talented with many implements,bare hand spanking, floggers, paddles, ping pong bat (one of my favourites), strap, rope, mini cricket bat, bondage, sensory deprivation, violet wand, jockey crop, carriage whip, dragon tail and humiliation. Mistress enjoys bringing new implements and ideas into play, we always discuss the new ideas/implements before and then after a scene. 
Mistress Lagertha always provides aftercare, by making you comfortable and allowing your body and mind to come back to reality. My personal aftercare is my blanket, lots of cuddles and a sugar boost. 
I feel privileged to be Mistress Lagertha's submissive. 

Norwich Venue Hire – Gram34
Mistress Lagertha booked with myself for a two hour session to use my premises. All information was provided as to what she required for the event and confirmation was received.
She informed me of her progress on the day as to her time of arrival and arrived punctually. After showing her the premises she proceeded to carry on her event and finished at the allotted time.
She left the venue in a spotless condition, best booking I have ever had in years. Monies due were paid for without being asked, another first .
My thanks to her for the manner she approached and presented myself and leaving with professional etiquette. 

Sissy makeup lesson – TS
I booked a makeup tutorial with Mistress Lagertha as I recently took up feminisation but wanted to know how to apply makeup on my own. 
She offered a 2 hour tutorial in a very relaxed & friendly environment. She went over all the basics of makeup application from different types of makeup/brushes, application techniques & how to look after the skin. Her method was also a hands on approach as she showed how to apply makeup on you & then gets you to apply makeup yourself. 
​At the end of the tutorial I had a much better understanding of makeup application & together with the notes she advised me to take I was able to apply my own makeup. I feel much more confident with using makeup thanks to her tutorials. 

Tickle Mania Event – JB 
​I first met Mistress Lagertha when attending my first event. She is very-well mannered and professional. A joy to talk to. During my session with Mistress Lagertha at the event, she certainly delivered.  Left me feeling full of adrenaline. It was an honour to be her subject for the time I had with her.  

2hr session in Norwich – John 
​I recently had a great session with the wonderful Mistress Lagertha, it was a clothed Facesitting and Bondage session, she is perfect for this type of session and placed me in a number of different humiliating positions beneath her bottom. Once it lowered down upon my face there was no escape, she knew when to give me air and was generous with the breaks between the smothers. I was hog tied, strapped and tied up for 2 enjoyable hrs, I would definitely book again next time she tours nearby. 

1hr 30min teaching session  – David 
​Recently I had a session with Mistress to underpin my knowledge as a spanker.  Mistress demonstrated and taught me best practice with her submissive. She demonstrated and made certain that I correctly understood best use of a variety of instruments and techniques, as well as the importance of correct care of the spankee.  I found Mistress to be very gracious amiable towards me, and I am very grateful to her for the attentive consideration that she gave me. 

30 min rope bondage session at an event – Manwel (comments given in person)
“When we first chatted, I didn’t think you were very dominant, but now”, post session “I see I was very wrong.  I can see why people pay for sessions with you, you are very good.  A strong dominant british lady.” 

10 min online Domination session, for small penis humiliation – CFnm-love
Oh my god! Absolutely loved being humiliated by this sexy bitchy domme! Perfect SPH xxxxx

1hr in person head shave humilliation & caning session – Mark (Wolverhamton)
Very good session with Mistress today.  Forced head shave, very professional, loved the session well recommend Mistress.  

Several Midlands BDSM events – jon_grom
I've had the pleasure and honour to meet the voluptuous, stylish and kinky Mistress Lagertha many times now, and always found her a lovely, perceptive and skilled person. I've been fortunate often to be invited to serve and play, in big and small ways, at a variety of events, most notably being at her remarkable and unique At My Command series of events, which, while they're evolving, she has cleverly designed and manages very well, giving the best possible chance for everyone to play. However, I've only experienced a small selection of her extensive portfolio of skills, but has so far included superb Shibarri bondage, submission as her footstool and worshipping her shoes and feet, being almost literally tickled to death, even making caning, which I find difficult, enjoyable. She always greets and plays with such a charming and irresistible smile, which inevitably rivets my attention, and as she's got to know me better, typically teases me with accurate and moving words of humiliation. While completely dominating me, without raising her voice, she's very caring, always read me well, and touchingly protects me during games. Please treat her and serve her well.


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