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Full-time lifestyle submissive – AKA No.1 sub 
I'm Mistress Lagertha's female submissive Englishredrose, we have been D/s for 1 year. Within this time Mistress has introduced me to many fetish experiences, because I was new to it all at the beginning. She can read my body perfectly, from getting close to my limit. To knowing when she can push me further. Mistress is very talented with many implements,bare hand spanking, floggers, paddles, ping pong bat (one of my favourites), strap, rope, mini cricket bat, bondage, sensory deprivation, violet wand, jockey crop, carriage whip, dragon tail and humiliation. Mistress enjoys bringing new implements and ideas into play, we always discuss the new ideas/implements before and then after a scene. 
Mistress Lagertha always provides aftercare, by making you comfortable and allowing your body and mind to come back to reality. My personal aftercare is my blanket, lots of cuddles and a sugar boost. 
I feel privileged to be Mistress Lagertha's submissive. 

Norwich Venue Hire – Gram34
Mistress Lagertha booked with myself for a two hour session to use my premises. All information was provided as to what she required for the event and confirmation was received.
She informed me of her progress on the day as to her time of arrival and arrived punctually. After showing her the premises she proceeded to carry on her event and finished at the allotted time.
She left the venue in a spotless condition, best booking I have ever had in years. Monies due were paid for without being asked, another first .
My thanks to her for the manner she approached and presented myself and leaving with professional etiquette.